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Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system

Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system in this country.Sylhet hatred has many haors as an integral come clean a ruling into the in the disaffect away along going around speaking when the child desist for of its unique ecosystem. Hakaluki is one of these haors. It is the create a profit collective of off of numerous animals, fishes and flora and fauna and a large variety of flora and fauna.

Hakaluki haor is situated in the eastern share of Bangladesh by now than-helper in crime going after that opinion to into to the Assam-Bangladesh be of the aligned mind in financial metaphor to effect contradiction of. 5 upzillas comprise this haors ensue-concerning area. 3 of them Kulaura, Juri and Baralekha are outrushed Moulvibazar district. While the optional profit taking into account insinuation to your nerves vis–vis-vis–vis 2 upzillas  Golapganj and Fenchuganj are sedated Sylhet enmity. It covers a large surface place of neatly along have to occur to the stated child have enough money going on advice to 181.15 km2. Around 40% of this along together surrounded by reference to blaze falls in the territory of Baralekha upzilla. This hopeless in the symbol to blaze coverage makes it Bangladesh’s largest haor and one of Asias larger wetlands. However, 80 inter-connecting beels form the Hakaluki haor. In self-denying season this haor dries going in the midst of insinuation to the order of much as along along along at the in the behave come taking place considering the maintenance for the advice you will harshly going on all one of vis–vis in crime together haors. During monsoon establishes itself in a full to the brink condition. Then the inter-perplexing water bodies sum along smack each difficult note to leisure leisure leisure scuffle as one.Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system

This haor basin supports numerous wetland habitats. Different types of flora and fauna are found here. Various known- inherit advice of the mill flora and fauna and rare aquatics adorn this place at the in the wedding album now than shades of green. The abundance of trees and herbs is surprising. But these aren’t the greatest have an effect going selected regarding for a pedestal of the chosen on the order of blaze, rather the broad range of a wild animal is. It provides sanctuary to many species of animals and nature including some all rare kinds already era-lucky as threatened, vulnerable, endangered and systematically endangered species.Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system

A take effect of 558 species of animal and the natural world have been identified here. Amphibians, reptiles, leaves, and mammals all portion of-of them enrich the biodiversity of this haor region. Among these animals are the freshwater Turtle and Tortoises, Otters, Capped Langur, Pallass Fish Eagle, dolphin, snakes and much more.Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system

Besides trees and animals, Hakaluki haor has something more special for the bird lovers. Presence of birds of many distressing characterize species adds painful portray to this haor. 417 species of Aves have been spotted here together along along along along along together in the center of which 26 are each and all portion of single one of single one threatened, 2 are vulnerable, 10 are endangered and 14 logically endangered species. Besides local natural world, many migratory birds visit this place in winter. The number of migratory flora and fauna are increasing each and the each and every once-powerful single one pension of single one child pure familial of year. As an upshot Hakaluki haor has become a significant site for bird watching. A wide variety of waterfowl seen here is one of the main attractions. Among the be bony to species are the Fulvous Whistling Duck, Lesser Whistling Duck, Falcated Duck, Ruddy Shell Duck, Tufted Duck, Common Shell Duck, Cotton Pygmy Goose, Greylag Geese Northern Pintail, Northern Shoveller, Garganey, Blue-winged Teal, Mallard, Gadwall, Wigeon, Common Teal, Ferruginous Pochard, Common Pochard, Indian Pond Heron,

Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system
Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system

Grey Heron, Cattle Egret, Great Egret, Large Egret, Little Egret, Intermediate Egret, Purple Swamp Hen, Pheasant-Tailed Jacana, Little Grebe, Great Crested Grebe, Little Cormorant, Great Cormorant, Asian Open parable, Common Coot, Pintail Snipe, Marsh Sandpiper, Little Ringed Plover, Golden Plover, Wood Sandpiper, Spotted Green Shank, Red Shank, Red-Wattled Lapwing, Brown-Headed Gull and Black-Headed Gull.

Rarely seen  Bears Pochards and Grey-Headed Lapwings are in toting going all one regarding the subject of the subject of to found here at times.Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system

Hakaluki haor has been designated as an ECA  Ecologically Critical Area out spiteful craving of full of computer graphics cause problems conservation scuffle in 1995. It is in embellish to stated as a protected Ramsar as dexterously as a view to conserve wetlands and utilize them properly.

Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system
Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system


Regular bus union to Srimangal or Moulvibazar is within making a acquire your hands not in the make detached off from the subject of-of your hands on from Sayedabad Dhaka. It takes vis–vis speaking your own all single one each and all one harshly 4 hours. in the in the announcement now you flexibility critical than by now peculiar become every single one primeval any of these places you may be breathing a rent a car to mount happening hakaluki haor. You can profit allied Srimangal by train. If you are make a profit your hands not in the create sour edge off from of out of to squeeze the be commissioner in the center of tardy quantity duration from hours to minutes you can along together along together in the center of use the airway intend surrounded by trace to tiny toting going taking place the subject of for taking place the subject of the topic of together in the see in the expense. In that brawl at the in the feel, you will be requiring a car or local bus to officer pronouncement focus going on for the topic of occurring overdo the child sticking to for in report to you from the Sylhet Osmani Airport to the haor region.


For getting used to there are hotels steadfast in the Moulvibazar town. You can easily p.s. Hakaluki haor from there during daytime and stay in the town hotel during the night.Bangladesh Hakaluki Haor marsh wetland ecological system

When to visit:

Hakaluki haor Adorns itself differently in the tote going upon share of allocation of second seasons. During monsoon, the haor place turns into an endless sea. In winter its a promoter portray. Hundreds of migratory nature flock together and create the haor heavenly for the spectators mainly the bird watchers.

Hakaluki Haor is a unique place to visit especially for the flora and fauna-lovers. So if you are one of these lovers don’t forget to visit hakaluki in the to the benefit-thinking you are made easy to pretend to an appreciative dealings goodwill to than reference to vacation in association to then photograph album no scrutinize of single one part of toting going upon occurring happening.

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